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Four Seasons Vines at TES 2012 Promo Video


Take pleasure in the splendor of "The Living Vines".  Gaze into their world as they gradually come to life in an exquisite transformation from Vine into the awe-inspiring performances of "The Living Vines".  In Natures Ballet, choreographed ensembles between two and eight vines flow from one mesmerizing tableau to another, fascinating audiences as well as an occasional passerby.

Living World Entertainment welcomes the addition of "The Four Seasons' to the ensemble of 'The Living Vines'. Now luscious spring. shady summer, opulent fall and secretive winter can be seen in all their glory as The Living Vines continue to amaze audiences around the world.

Since the creation of the original living vine known as " DiVine" audiences have been mesmerized by her layered lushness and incomparable grace.  These outstanding performances have an international appeal, touching people from all walks of life around the world. They offer you the unique grasp of the secrets and glamour hiding within nature.